Anti-Racist Consultation Groups for White Therapists

The second Wednesday of each month
Jan 13, Feb 10, Mar 10, Apr 14, May 12, June 9, 2021

Anti-racist consultation group for white therapists

10-11:50 AM Pacific / 1-2:50 PM Eastern

Fee: $300 total for all six meetings

For white therapists, counselors, coaches, and others who do clinical work with clients

“After this group I feel like I have so much more work to do, but I feel a little bit more embodied. I feel a little bit more able to actually say words about it to other people, rather than stewing in my own shame.”

“I’m so grateful for this group. Every single time I went to one of these meetings I left feeling like it was the absolute best use of that time ever. I never wanted to come, and I was always so glad I did.”

Anti-racist consultation group for white leaders in mental health

12-1:50 PM Pacific / 3-4:50 PM Eastern

Fee: $300 total for all six meetings

For white supervisors and anyone in a leadership role at a mental health organization

“I’ve been encouraged to believe that my holding these values as central to my purpose has inspired other white folks in my life to do the same.”

“It’s been so helpful to have regular contact with other white anti-racist people who are flawed humans, and who accept all of our imperfections as we press forward in dismantling white supremacy.”

“It’s done so much for me just to be able to say these things; to get honest in front of other people and receive unconditional positive regard for the parts that I expose. Every time I show up I’m teaching myself that I’m not afraid to be here and talk about it. I mean, I’m afraid, but I still show up.”

To have any hope of transforming the racism embedded in our culture, white people need to step up and do our work. In these consultation groups for white therapists, we support each other in staying somatically regulated as we turn our attention to engaging and transforming the particular ways our whiteness is showing up in our lives and work.

Lieva Whitbeck is a skilled facilitator and teacher who has been thinking deeply about pedagogy for more than twenty years. Compelled and tormented by the excruciating process of seeing how her whiteness shows up in every aspect of her life and world, Lieva relishes coming together with other white people to engage deeply in the liveslong work of dismantling white supremacy and reclaiming our humanity.

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