Best Chicken Enchiladas Ever!

So this recipe is from my dad, John Whitbeck. It’s delicious. Also, it’s 2020, and there’s a plague on, so I made some modifications. First, since I didn’t have canned black beans, I learned how to make delicious dried beans in my instant pot ( I had everything else except for canned green chiles. They… Continue reading Best Chicken Enchiladas Ever!

Chicken Francese with roasted potatoes and spinach

From my mama, Trees Whitbeck Will feed 4 people. TIME: if you know you have all the ingredients, this dinner takes 1 hour to make start to finish and you will be busy. 1 hour for 4 people, if you have a skillet that can hold 4 chicken cutlets next to each other. 1h:20min for… Continue reading Chicken Francese with roasted potatoes and spinach

Oakland Voter Guide: March 3, 2020

Lieva Whitbeck wrote this guide, based on research done at a voting party in Laurel in Oakland with Amiri Brewer, Margie Cohen, Vivienne Muller, Jennie Pearl, Dylan Quinn, Jonah Reed, Stacy Reed, Chloe Rosen, and Roya Visconti. On our small team of queer progressive Oakland voters, polyamorists, Black folks, kinksters, and trans and gender nonconforming… Continue reading Oakland Voter Guide: March 3, 2020

Tres Leches Cake

From Smitten Kitchen: Tres Leches Cake [Pastel de Tres Leches or Three Milk’s Cake] This easily the most popular cake in Mexico, a vanilla sponge cake soaked with a mixture of three “milks” (sweetened condensed, evaporated and heavy or light cream) and topped with whipped cream. While sponge cakes can be made with or… Continue reading Tres Leches Cake