Butter Chicken

So, this week my friend Leela sent me a recipe that I somehow messed up. What was supposed to be pasta with cheesy cream sauce instead became a single giant lump of cheese surrounded by pasta. I chopped it up with scissors to distribute and it was delicious! But I’ll need to figure out what went wrong before I pass the recipe along.

So, instead, here’s another delicious recipe Leela sent me a while ago. Butter chicken! I made it several times before I acquired the key fenugreek leaves, but I got them and tried again and it’s even more delicious this way! This recipe calls for a pinch and I now own a half-gallon, so if we’re friends you’re welcome to come by and I can just give you some.

The original recipe is very saucy, which is great if you want extra sauce, but since I’d rather have extra everything, I added a bit more chicken and peppers in my adaptation. Maybe I’ll come write it all out for you if I get a moment, but right now I’ve got butter chicken to eat!

Here’s the recipe I adapted: https://myheartbeets.com/instant-pot-butter-chicken/

One satisfied customer!

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