Oakland Voter Guide: March 3, 2020

Lieva Whitbeck wrote this guide, based on research done at a voting party in Laurel in Oakland with Amiri Brewer, Margie Cohen, Vivienne Muller, Jennie Pearl, Dylan Quinn, Jonah Reed, Stacy Reed, Chloe Rosen, and Roya Visconti. On our small team of queer progressive Oakland voters, polyamorists, Black folks, kinksters, and trans and gender nonconforming folks were well-represented. We fortified ourselves with chili and black bean soup.

Sources: We drew from San Jose Mercury News, East Bay Times, Pete, People Powered Progressives, Voters Edge.

President: Warren Sanders

your choice

Members, County Central Committee, 18th Assembly District: Royl Roberts, Pamela Price, Guillermo Elenes, Victor Aguilar, Marchon Tatmon, Henry Gage III, Andrea Luna Bocanegra, Jose Carlos Moreno, Austin Tam, Howard Egerman, Iris Merriouns

These are Pete’s recommendations. We investigated Victoria Fierce because we love housing activism, but she turned out to be a techie gentrifier so we decided to trust Pete. Then we found more info about them all and got really psyched to vote for them.

Members, County Central Committee, 15th Assembly District: Alfred Twu, Soli Alpert, Paola Laverde, Igor Tregub, Wendy Bloom, Barbara Lopez, George Perezvelez, Julie Caskey

Again, we went with Pete.

United States Representative, 13th Congressional District: Barbara Lee!

Barbara Lee speaks for me!

State Senator, District 9: Nancy Skinner

Incumbent, unopposed, and no one seems too mad about it.

Member State Assembly, 15th District: Sara Brink?

We love her femme branding and her left-of-Democrats positioning, and Amiri likes her white girl social justice turnup Spotify playlist. Can she govern? We don’t know. Maybe Buffy Wicks is a safer bet.

Member State Assembly, 18th District: Rob Bonta

He’s the Democrat. Victor Aguilar’s twitter likes him. The other guy wants to get rid of sex education.

Superior Court Judge, Office #2: Elena Condes

Pete likes her, one of us works with her wife, she’s awesome.

Alameda County Supervisor, District 4: Esther Goolsby

According to Pete, the other guy has been obstructing good stuff. Let’s give the seat to an awesome Black woman.

Alameda County Supervisor, District 5: Keith Carson

One time a really long time ago he was knocking on doors when Margie needed help moving something heavy. He helped her and was very friendly. Also he has great politics and endorsements from Pete and the San Jose Mercury News.

California Propositions

Prop 13 (not that one): No

Lots of money for charter schools and building companies. We want better ways to fund schools.

Alameda County propositions

Prop C: Yes

Health care for retirees.

Berkeley Propositions

Prop E: Yes

Money for teachers and schools. Yes.

Prop G: Yes

Money for teachers and schools. Yes.

Prop H: Yes

Money for teachers and schools. Yes.

Oakland Propositions

Prop Q: Yes

$ for parks and stuff.

Prop R: Yes

It’s 2020. Newspapers are disappearing. Government is dealing with that.

Prop S: Yes

Yes we’d like to spend money we’ve already allocated. Why is this a question?

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